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              HOME > SERVICES > Children Publishing

              Children Publishing

              In China, there are about 100 million children under the age of six, with about 3 million added each year. Nevertheless to say, it provides great development space and market for modern children publishing industry.

              The enterprise’s children publishing program covers four areas, namely child care, normal reading, popular science as well as textbooks. In addition to pay attention in original forms, it plans to introduce the foreign outstanding works, cooperate with foreign publishers, as well as get ideas from general people.

              Features of children publishing:


              Digital technology as the core: It inserts a large number of easily understandable digital materials such as videos and audios, thereby stimulating children’s interests of reading.


              An unique perspective: Starting from the view of fathers and boys, developing children’s essential abilities, namely observation, exploration capacities, thereby stimulating their interests of science and life.


              Combines schedules with market conditions: Inviting sale leaders participate in the progress of making plans, thereby providing good products which close to the market.


              A variety of marketing tools: Establishing a fan economy by using social medias such as Microblog, Wechat, and live platforms, thereby spreading production information quickly.


              IP conversion: Adapting original forms into films. And spread it via Internet.


              International copyright trade: The enterprise plans to introduce 100 kinds of foreign outstanding works annually, and export 20 kinds of books each year.